Highly available cloud key/value database

Fast, secure and easy to integrate

Use it for your next Serverless project, to power a website visitor counter, as a mobile app backend, to store the state of your toaster, as a note storage tool, for your website's database, to add rate limiting to your API, to store the complete works of Shakespeare, for IoT device storage, to remember logged-in state, to store access tokens, for feature configuration and customisation, to store user account settings, as a queue system

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Built from the ground up for serverless

Here's just some of ThisDB's powerful features

Fast Worldwide

Data is cached locally in Points of Presence (PoPs) all around the world


All data is end-to-end encrypted during transit, and encrypted at rest

Highly Available

Our highly available cloud infrastructure quickly scales under load

No vendor lock-in

Our API is compatible with many cloud and serverless platforms, allowing you to switch without migration headaches

Simple API

Our simple to use API means you can start storing data straight away, with no learning curve

Cost effective

Start storing data in ThisDB today, completely free

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